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Collaborations is page where you will find a collective of joint fan fictions from Chiruken and her friends. I hope you will take a look through the many collections that are here.

Title: Charmed
Author(s): Chairuken & Angel
Rated: R to NC-17
Summary: When Misao's doubts about her beloved Aoshi-sama's true feelings towards her reach an all time high, she does the unthinkable: She joins forces with Mibu's Wolf, defying her Okashira's orders in process.ALTERNATE PAIRING!

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Title: Tanabata
Author(s): Chiruken & Angel
Rated: R for Mature Themes
Notes: Tanabata is the prize for the site 1500 contest.

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Title: Rurouni Heir
Author(s): Chiruken & Angel
Rated: R to possibly NC-17
Summary: Kenshin has a secret that he's been hiding from everyone.Suddenly, circumstance arise that threaten to reveal this secret.There is one person he trusts with this secret.Soon wedding bells are played and the new couple is off to England.ALTERNATE PAIRING!

Rurouni Heir
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