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Welcome to the Contest Page. This page was made for Contest Chiruken's Palace would like to host. Currently Lady Chiruken and I have deicided to have a contest that most site have, a visitor contest. So how do you win? Currently hit counter is in the 2000 or somehting, to win you must be the fist person to email us when the counter strikes 5000.

Simple enough right. Right!!! We have deicided to hold this contest as our first to say a sort of 'Thank You.' So please keep an eyes on the counter. The first one to email us with the 5000 hit will have their pick of a fanfiction. Keep in mind that the Palace is a Rurouni Kenshin so the prize should come in the form of a Rurouni Kenshin fic.

But the winner can request a certain couple or anything else they wish. Or an update of one of Lady Chiruken's current works? If they so wish it, a request can be made for a joint work from Lady Chiruken and myself. It matters not.

So please keep an eye on our counter.

Contest winner on 3/26/2003
Cat is our lucky winner.
Her request has been approved and will be started tonight.
You Can find the contest fan fiction.

Title: Tanabata
Author's: Chiruken & Angel
Rated: R for Mature Themes
Notes: Tanabata is the prize for the site 1500 contest.


Lady Chiruken and Angel

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