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Okay so you found your way to the links page! And the rest is history. Below you will find a range of different sites. Beginning at Anime Fanfiction sites to Sites that may help you with HTMLing your own site. By the by, have you enjoyed the text banners at the top of each page at the Palace? I will also provide the link to the site where you can make your own text banners.

Palace Links

Kirei Tenshi
My (Angel) FanFiction site. KT host different anime series from FY, WK, CCS, RW, RK, and more.
A major fanfiction site. Sign up and start writing to day!
Anime Web Turnpike
A major site to find all kinds of 411 on all different series. If its anime the turnpike as it.
A place where you find alot of different sites. A good site have dandy.
A GREAT place to learn HTML, or learn tricks of all kinds. A MUST HAVE SITE
Well here it is, the site where I made the text banners. There are a lot of different heading to pick from. So go play around with the best FREE banner making site there is.
Another FREE banner, button making site.
A good FREE web host provider.
A great place for free message boards.
A really cool place for free web sericves
Wandering Samurai
Midori-sama website. All her great Fanfiction can be found there. She has some GREAT lemons as well. I suggest this site highly.
The Oro
A place where Rurouni Kenshin webhosts can add their sites.
Desktop Themes