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Chiruken's One Shots

No Longer Alone
Rated: G
Summary: A short soliloquy reflecting on night.

The First Meeting
Rated: G
Summar: Kenshin's thoguhts when he first meets Kaoru.

My Name Is Himura Kenshin
Rated: G
Summary: How does Kenshin see himself? A peek inside his mind as he ponders the question "Who Am I?"

One Moonlit Night
Rated: PG
Summary:A sword that protects...A weapon that kills...A vow made comes close to being revoked...Himura Kenshin must fight once again and make a cruel decision...remain a rurouni or revert to the hitokiri again?

Behind The Rurouni's Smile
Summary: Kenshin's thoguhts as he helps Kaoru carry the groceries home.

He Deserves Better
Rated: PG
Summary: Saito's thoughts on society's treatment of the man who liberated them from the rule of the shogunate.

Tears of Lost Innocence
Rated: PG
Summary: Much can be hidden by the rain. . .but again, much can be revealed. Explore the complexities of the troubled heart.